24 BEFORE 24

These are 24 things I want to do before I turn 24.


1. Learn to do a back handspring.
Oh this has been on my list for far too long, and every time I have the opportunity to learn, I make up some excuse which really means I just can't be bothered or I'm too embarrassed to take a gymnastics class. No more. I. AM. GOING. TO. DO. THIS. I learned a few years ago on a trampoline and never mastered it on the ground without landing on my head, so it's my goal to not land on my head anymore.

2. Take a holiday.
This is a cheat one because I know I get to cross it off in two weeks! It also crosses off my life-long goal of being a backpacker because I am going to stay in a hostel! :)

3. Do a green overhang at work.
My next step up in climbing.

4. Do a red climb at work.
The next level up in climbing.

5. Learn to lead climb.

6. Go outdoor climbing.

7. Go surfing.

8. Go ice-skating.

9. Ride a motorbike/quad bike/jet ski.

10. Go camping.

11. Ride a horse.
I miss having horses around. I miss the country!

12. Decide where I'm going to live.
In May I find out if I get a green card or not. If I do, I get to move to America in 2013. If not, I'll go somewhere else. :)

13. Go to Wet n Wild or White Water World.
I love water theme parks. I don't like other theme parks because I don't like rollercoasters or anything like that, but I love water slides!

14. Buy a new camera.
Mine is slowly dying. :(

15. Make "thank you" gifts for clients.
That's right! If you hire me to take your photos, I will make you a present! I also want to make my packaging prettier, more personal, and more professional, get some business cards, work on a brand, etc.

16. Make beignets.
I just looked up a recipe. I've been wanting to try them since watching The Princess and the Frog.

17. Go swimming in the Mt Glorious waterfalls.
Soon! :)

18. Shoot a gun.
Haven't done this in 3 years!

19. Donate blood.

20. Go see a drive-in movie.

21. Go on a picnic. And again!

22. See a musical.

23. Go to a different state.

24. Photographically document these things as they happen on my blog.
I need to blog more.


Let me know in the comments if you decide to do a list too! I'd love to hear it! :)


Northwest Community Church meets at a school tuckshop on my street. My parents have been going there for a while, and towards the end of last year I was asked to come along and take some promotional photos for them. I love observing with photography; being a fly-on-the-wall, pretending like I'm not there.

I like seeing church happening outside of four walls. There are no pews, there is no pulpit. This might be a subject for another blog post, but, for me, church is more than a Sunday service, more than a building, more than a denomination. It doesn't need to have structure. It was nice to spend the morning seeing a type of church some people aren't used to seeing.


Meet my family :) My dad's brother and his family.