My lovely friend Laura got a new puppy, and a few weeks ago I went over to take some photos. She made me pancakes for breakfast (and lunch too!) and also gave me a sweet little gift as a thank you - a notebook, scripture card and feather. This girl knows my heart!

Little Charlie Brown is definitely a cutie. But don't let the sweet eyes in the photos fool you - he is a CRAZY little dude!
Puppy truth:
Ouch! Missed the ball...
Bath time!
There's wild in them eyes...
Nap time.


If you ever meet this girl - HUG HER. Seriously. She gives the BEST hugs. Ever.
Jess and I had a little picnic and went to Monty's Chocolates at Paddington a couple of days ago. I had a white chocolate and cactus fruit truffle (in the bottom photo), and it was the most amazing flavour you could imagine. If you can, go get one. Now.


The first step is always the hardest. There are a million and one excuses not to take it but, guess what? Once you've taken it, there are less than half a million excuses for the next one, and the next one, and then, before you know it, you are out of bed, dressed warmly and in the car, on the way to chase the morning fog and see the sun rise through it.

Then you may happen to stumble upon a magical land of tiny spiderwebs, tangled up in grass and twigs and cobbler's pegs, like beaded necklaces all covered in the tiniest little dew drops, refracting light rainbows (look closely, you can see them).