Getting around to things

These are from a weekend when my favourite photo subjects came to visit. I meant to blog these, I just didn't get around to it. I hope you like them, and if you do, leave comments! I like getting comments! :)

I love the hands in this one: so perfect!

This next one reminds me of Little House on the Prairie, but it is just my backyard in dire need of a mow!

My girl sure knows how to work the camera!

Funny little darling! I don't know what she was looking at...
I love red and black and white photos. You may have noticed :)

Remember this bird? I'm doing a little tidying of my blog, so here he is in his rightful category, unspoiled by a watermark.

And, to finish, a retro-looking doorknob, just because :)


New logo and placement

Still working on it...let me know what you think :)


I decided to change my autograph. What do you think?

Nitro Youth Group Op Shop Formal

As their end-of-year break up, the youth group at my church had an "op-shop" formal. Some of the finds were incredible! Here are a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

I don't know what Wayne Cooper would have thought of his dress ending up in an op-shop, but luckily for him, this one didn't...Stevie just cheated on the theme :)

It's been a while

So here is a little something while we wait for better shoots.

My dad has almost finished building a deck out the back of our house. Next to it is a tree that has just suddenly burst into bloom with millions of tiny white flowers that attract a great deal of bugs. So while I am unemployed, my days have been spent sitting on the deck, getting a tan, and waiting for a bug to sit still long enough for me to zoom in, focus, compose the shot, set the exposure, and then press the button. It doesn't happen all that often.

184 Enoggera Rd

I used to drive past this Mexican restaurant everyday, and I ended up falling in love with it's red door. However, it's not a good idea to take photos while you are driving, especially on a DSLR in manual mode, and I did want people in the photo, so I had to go without for a very long time.

All that changed today when I drove past with my friend and pointed it out, and she mentioned that her anniversary is on the 18th of the 4th. Well, we couldn't just leave it at that now, could we?


I asked my sister if I could take some photos of her and her Maton. Hope y'all like 'em!

This one looks a little like a postcard, but I like it coz she's laughing.

This little dude kept circling us! It was scary how loud his wings were! I managed one semi-decent photo, but he was so fast! And so big!

That's all for now :)

Abandoned and Beautiful

I cannot get over abandoned buildings. I love them. We kind of trespassed a little, and ran off scared a few times, (Mt Glorious is a SCARY place...) but it was worth it for these photos! :)
LOVE the blue door!
And then the afternoon finished nicely with a pretty sunset...and nearly hitting a dingo with my car on the way home! I've never seen a dingo in the wild before! It was scary!
I ADORE this first shot! I'm sorry Photoshop, but your rendered lens flare has got nothing on natural!

Enjoy! :)

John and Jade - more engagement photos

I edited some more of John and Jade's shoot and found some more favourites.


I think this one is my favourite from the whole day...
I'm experimenting a bit with lens flare, both natural and Photoshopped...

I was going for a vintage feel with this collage...
Enjoy! :)

In My Backyard...

I get bored with my backyard. There's only so many photos I can take of the same view, the same flowers, the same broken fence. However, I was nicely surprised when I, with nothing else to do, went out into the yard and started taking photos, and liked what I saw.

A few new angles and my photographic hunger was cured for the afternoon. I also made a pleasant discovery down the stairs to the bottom level of our backyard - some big ol' fat dandelions, a little worse for wear after the storms, but still oh so photogenic! They also made for lots of childish fun once I was finished!

Hope you like... :)


I love vintage and antique. I love anything that has aged. I love things that are broken and faded and falling apart or falling down. If it looks like it has a story to tell, I want to know that story.