Okay, so let me stress - this is a WEEKEND. Our weeks are full. We have early mornings, scheduled meals, lectures, prayer sets, corporate ministry (prayer, worship, teachings), work duties, organised school trips and homework. We study hard, and have to be very disciplined with our time here, which is a very good thing, but can also be very exhausting. So on the weekends, sometimes we don't even leave the room.

A lot of the time though, we get off base and go explore the island via the kindness of strangers. Hitch-hiking and riding in the back of a truck are both legal here... seat belts are not... ;) Kua Bay is one of our main beaches to go to. The waves are big but generally soft, though once in a while a set will come in that can knock you around pretty well. There is a rock you can swim out to and jump or flip from, and you can usually see turtles hanging out around it.

This particular day we had a large group and thought we'd have to split up to get there, but a huge truck picked us all up at once, and it was such a blessing.