Shot to the Heart 3

The Princess and the Frog
On a recent photo shoot, up a tree :D, I moved a branch aside to get a better shot. I squealed when my hand touched something cold, wet, and slimy. Luckily I didn't hurt the little fella. Isn't he cute!?

I don't normally like frogs. Let's be honest, if they are big enough, I scream and run. But how could I resist that little guy?

This photo is everything that I want my photography to be. The whole photo shoot was. It was more than someone looking at my camera and forcing a smile. It was more than taking a photo that showed what a person looks like. It's in the moment. It's a memory. It's unposed, undirected. The day was full of personality and character shining through everything she did. She climbed trees, she ran through the sea and the sand, she lay down in long grass, she cartwheeled, she whipped her hair, she played with a frog, a jellyfish and a ladybug. She didn't do these things because there was a camera pointed at her. That's just who she is.

Unfortunately a camera sometimes might as well be a gun. Point it at a person (and shoot) and their personality dies. Their character hides behind, "Am I smiling to big? Where do I put my hands? Can you see my double chin? Will you please Photoshop the zit off my cheek?" (I'm quoting myself here... which is why I am the photographer, not the photographed:))

I am a quiet person, so when I'm behind my camera, sometimes I forget to talk. I don't say a lot unless you talk to me, which is something I should probably work on. I don't like to pose too much and give too much instruction on what I think you should look like or be doing in the photo. What I have said, one of my only instructions, is "Just be" and the best photos have come from when I am silent.

Jess' Boho Birthday

My friend Jess turned 21 a few weeks ago and I was so excited to take some photos of all the boho-ness! Here are some details of the decor and portraits of the birthday girl!
Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than this... :)
  This a-m-a-z-i-n-g dress is by My Sunday Feeling. (They're also on facebook.)

Shot to the Heart 2

Ah! The ocean!


So there's a bit of a theme running through my photography lately. I've had (and have coming) lots of shoots at the beach, but, it's summer, and we're Queenslanders! What do you expect? :)

Seriously, how inviting does it look!?


I took photos last night while I was driving home. I probably shouldn't do that, it's slightly dangerous.

Shot to the Heart 1

Happy Monday and welcome to the first official Shot to the Heart! :)

AND Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you all have a beautiful day!

This photo I took a couple of weeks ago. The beach is so nice this time of year (when it's not raining, flooding, cyclone-ing...)  Unfortunately, my trip to the coast this weekend left me sunburned. Yes, again. No, I will never learn.

I have another photo shoot at the beach this week which I am really excited for, so maybe, just maybe, I will wear suncream. Maybe. I will try to remember. So in light of all that is wonderful about this time of the year, the weather, the beach, the sun, here is today's Shot to the Heart.

Shot to the Heart

I feel like doing something different on the blog, so I have this idea of doing a weekly post (maybe on Mondays?)

I want to call the feature Shot to the Heart, and each week blog a photo of mine that I really, really like. One that makes me go "Wow! I shot that!" A shot that reminds me why I am a photographer. Or someone else's photo that inspires me, and reminds me why I want to be a photographer.

I'd really like some feedback on this, so here are a few questions:

1. Is this something that you'd like to see? Something that you would look out for? (I know I don't have HEAPS of readers, but to my faithfuls, I ♥ you!, and would you want to read this? :))

2. What else would you like to see? Camera settings? Before and after Photoshopping? Prints for sale? (I want to open an etsy store one day...) Interviews with other photographers?

3. Is Monday a good day for it?

So if you could let me know what you think I'd be eternally thankful! :)

Here are 3 examples. I shot these in August last year, and I've blogged them before, but they are still favourites of mine. I love the door ones because of the perspective. This old house was on stumps so it was up to high for any kind of "normal" shot. I love seeing things in a new way and making the ordinary not-so-ordinary. Plus I LOVE old houses, I LOVE doors, and I LOVE keyholes (because I LOVE keys) :)

And even though I'm not much of a dog person, these puppy feet get me every time. They're just so cute, and I'm glad I shot from this perspective.
Looking forward to your feedback! :)

Rebecca and Chaka - wedding

My first wedding of 2011 was an intimate, vintage, multi-cultural celebration at Albert River Winery, Mt Tambourine. Rebecca did the hair and makeup and Danielle and Daniel's elopement last year, and you may also remember her and Chaka from their engagement photos.

We haven't been having the best wedding weather lately, and it poured the whole way to Mt Tambourine. But, for our time outside, the clouds held back their rain, and only opened again when we were inside for the reception. Amazing!

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous day.
Spanish guitarist Andrew Veivers:
Rebecca's dress was from Bride's Desire, the bridesmaids' from Mossman. The shawl is by Alannah Hill and the headpiece, hair and makeup by Rebecca's company Creme de la Creme.
I think she looks like Girl With A Pearl Earring... :)
(The name of this amazing flamenco band is coming soon.)
What I wouldn't give for another nutty, creamy meringue-y cake from Aviv Bakery.
(Wedding styled by W.edding & Co)