Danielle and Daniel - Married

I love my job :)
(This is a LONG post, so get ready to do some scrolling! :))

Photographing Danielle and Daniel as they secretly wed at Mango Hill Farm was an absolute pleasure. Not even the light sprinkling of rain stopped it from being a perfectly beautiful day. I hope you enjoy these photos as much I as I enjoyed taking them! :)

The venue:

The dress:

The shoes:

The look: Hair and make-up by Rebecca Anthony
(I had my hair done by Rebecca a couple of days ago - I highly recommend her!)

Hairpiece by Chloe and Maddie, paloma by Tickled Pink Knits:

The bride:

The groom:

Danielle and Daniel's two daughters, Ava and Ashley:

Ava walked her mother down the aisle :):

Getting married!:


After the sweet ceremony, we wandered around the Farm and took some more photos:

Aw... :):

When you stay at the Farm, you are allowed to eat from the gardens:

The girls seemed to like the freshly harvested ginger and turmeric :):

But I think the raw, organic chocolate cake by Nicole McIntosh tasted a little better :):

These are my favourite portraits of the beautiful couple.

Thank you both for letting me enjoy this special day with your wonderful family. I had the nicest time and I hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!!!! The family shot at the end is so special, & I agree the couple are just adorable! Too many things to comment on....I think I'm gonna go stay there too. Congratulations Daniel & Dannielle, God Bless your marriage & Congratulations Annie on a job well done :)

  2. WOW!! what a beautiful family and the photography that captured the special moments in time are just so priceless! Thank you for sharing your work :-) They are absolutely stunning!

  3. annie!!! these are gorgeous! oh my oh my... you are completely taking to photography like a duck to water, keep this up!! STUNNING images!!

  4. Thanks so much Annie,we know and admire this couple ,Dannielle and Daniel are a great couple and Nicole and I wish them both and their two girls a wonderful peaceful life.You images are fanstastic,Jason & Nicole (wedding cake Nicole)

  5. Anonymous - thank you so much for your sweet comment! Definitely go stay there - it's beautiful. Would love to know who you are! :)

    Kim - that you for your beautiful words. Your hairpiece was simply stunning.

    Maddie - thank you for your constant encouragement. It always means so much to me.

    Jason and Nicole - thank you for stopping by! Nicole that cake was AMAZING.

    Thanks all!

  6. All I can say is WOW Annie!! I think this is your best shoot yet and thats saying something! Beautiful photos and beautiful family. You should be proud. Love them...

    xoxo CEB

  7. I agree with CEB :P these really are amazing annie. Your talent is growing. I love them!!

    bec xoxo

  8. Annie, your work is beautiful you captured their moments perfectly x

  9. THESE ARE STUNNING. Absolutely beautiful- and what an adorable family!

  10. Thank you ladies - your sweet comments make my day :)

  11. What a sweet family! I love the venue.. so intimate and your work is beautiful, Annie! xox

  12. Thanks Erin! I always appreciate your visits! :)

  13. wow! What a fantastic shoot. I love that they did just a small family thing, at least it seemed like that in the pictures. How great to just share it with each other and, you! These turned out so amazing, great job.

  14. Thanks! Yeah it was just us - so relaxing and special. I was so honoured to be asked to capture that day. :)

  15. what a beautiful and intimate wedding-amazing photos!

  16. Thank you Emma! :)

  17. Annie! these are some quite good shots you have!!
    Shaden, Elbabour.