Sarah is a translator. She contacted me a little while ago about getting some photos for her website and her blog, which I pretty excited about because it was a little different to what I've normally done. Sarah is so lovely, and we had such a nice time chatting between photos about working from home, doing what we love instead of working a regular job. She's also Irish, and has a great accent. I love Ireland, even though I've never been, so hearing her stories was a lot of fun :)

 I love this next photo. Pretty eyes! :)

The dark side of me...

Hanging out in my sister's music room I was inspired to challenge myself. I looked at the instruments and equipment and wanted to see it differently.

These perspectives are low, they're darker and noisier than I usually like my photos to be, but I wanted to create a mood, to tell a story. (Does my girly signature get in the way of that?)

Meet the newest addition to our family...

My sister's new puppy Storm :)
Don't let those eyes fool you - she is the naughty one in her puppy pre-school class.


Biting the bullet. Swallowing my pride. Conforming. Whatever you want to call it - I am doing it. I am joining facebook. And it's already a struggle. I have NO idea what I am doing but clearly I am doing it wrong because NOTHING is working!

There was a reason why I left facebook... I'm remembering it now...

Anyway, I am going to trial it, see if it helps business, because it is free, and I can reach more people this way.

The reason for this post, besides to vent, is I want to make this image my WELCOME landing page. So if you go to my facebook page, this is what I hope you will open up to.
Unfortunately to do that I need to understand HTML code, which I don't. I just know that the image needs to be saved on the internet somewhere. I'll give this a go.

But YES!!! I am offering one FREE photo shoot per month to facebook fans! (The session must take place in Brisbane.) So spread the word, visit my page, and be leave a comment on your birthday month photo, and I will pick a name out of a hat on the first of that month. If you are the only one to comment... CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) :) :)

Anyway, we'll see if this works...




Okay it works!

Melanie and Joseph - Wedding - pt3

Welcome to the last part of Melanie and Joseph's wedding! :)

Before the reception, we signed the papers on the back of a car :)
(I'm in this next photo!)
Then we headed back to the resort to The Saltbar for lunch, Moscato and mini cheesecakes :)
Melanie, Joseph and I went down to the beach for some portraits:
I love that they didn't mind getting a little wet, or lying down in the sand :)
I hope you guys are enjoying married life and I hope everyone enjoys the photos! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of the day :)