Coming Soon...

...another engagement... :)

Sarah and Caleb - Engaged

This is going to be a long post ;) It was so hard for me to pick the best few pictures to show, because they were ALL my favourites!

Sarah and Caleb have become two of my closest friends, and they are, you have to agree, quite cute :) For this photo shoot we went to Kangaroo Point -- where Caleb proposed not to long ago. Even though it was overcast and weirdly smoky, we still had a great time, and got some good shots. :)

Enjoy! :)

This is the spot where Caleb proposed:

Told you they were cute... :)

Work it, baby! :)

These two laugh -- a lot. :)

This one just might be my favourite...

Or maybe that one to the right...

Or these two...

Yes, it could even be this one...

Can't wait for the wedding in December! :)

Coming Soon...

An engagement... :)

Fun on the Farm

I'm back (again) from Calliope (again) with some random photos (again) :)

I do have some people shoots coming up, but for me right now, photographing simple things has been a nice change for me.

These are some of my loves: horses, the outdoors, abandoned houses, and simple things that people would normally overlook made into art. :)

This photo was kind of an accident. The shot was a "mistake" and the editing was unintentional, but I like it because of that. :)

This one was was also an accident - I didn't check my settings for this one, but I still love the way it turned out. It has very minimal editing.

Enjoy and stay tuned for engagement shoots and weddings! :)