Oh. My. Goodness.

On a recent, rare day off, my friend Emily and I had a picnic breakfast in a field of little pine trees. If that wasn't random or magical enough, it was f r o s t y. If you know me at all, you know that this is a big deal.

The grass was so thick we spread the blanket down and it was the comfiest bed you could imagine. Everywhere sparkled with dew and spiderwebs and frost. Emily played her guitar with a broken string. I took pictures. It was a day of dreams.

We then went to an abandoned strip of railroad track and played on it for a while. I don't care if guitars and girls on railroad tracks make cliché photos- these are some of my favourites ever.

I still can't believe we had such a magical day.


While I was in Calliope about a month ago, I took some photos of my friend Zoe who was expecting twin boys (she's had them now! I can't wait to visit and take more photos!) I warn you, there are LOTS of photos in this post. I couldn't help it. The light, the shadow, the bump, beautiful Zoe - I just couldn't pick less than what I've got. It really is one of my favourite shoots I've done in a while. I just loved being one on one with my high school friend in her own home, documenting this special adventure.