The last weekend of winter...

...and I went to the beach. And I saw a dolphin. I have proof.

I promise that this picture is of a dolphin.


A 28°C Winter Day

Crazy, huh? (That's 82.4°F)

So I went to Scarborough...

 Took self-portraits...
(I actually REALLY like this can see the sun setting in my sunnies! Not bad for taking it at a red light!)

And other photos...


But mostly, road-tripping alone is not so much fun.

Anyone wanna join me on the next one?

Danielle and Daniel - Married

I love my job :)
(This is a LONG post, so get ready to do some scrolling! :))

Photographing Danielle and Daniel as they secretly wed at Mango Hill Farm was an absolute pleasure. Not even the light sprinkling of rain stopped it from being a perfectly beautiful day. I hope you enjoy these photos as much I as I enjoyed taking them! :)

The venue:

The dress:

The shoes:

The look: Hair and make-up by Rebecca Anthony
(I had my hair done by Rebecca a couple of days ago - I highly recommend her!)

Hairpiece by Chloe and Maddie, paloma by Tickled Pink Knits:

The bride:

The groom:

Danielle and Daniel's two daughters, Ava and Ashley:

Ava walked her mother down the aisle :):

Getting married!:


After the sweet ceremony, we wandered around the Farm and took some more photos:

Aw... :):

When you stay at the Farm, you are allowed to eat from the gardens:

The girls seemed to like the freshly harvested ginger and turmeric :):

But I think the raw, organic chocolate cake by Nicole McIntosh tasted a little better :):

These are my favourite portraits of the beautiful couple.

Thank you both for letting me enjoy this special day with your wonderful family. I had the nicest time and I hope you enjoy the photos!