My apologies to anyone who saw that last post like a hundred times. My blog was having issues. I think it has calmed down now. :)

She Dances

I have new photo shoots coming soon, but for now, I'd like to tell you about an organisation called She Dances.

Here is what the front page of their website says:

Every girl deserves to dream. Every girl deserves hope. Every girl deserves to love and to be loved. Every girl deserves to dance. When she dances, she is alive... when she dances, she is free. She's free to live, to laugh, to love. She's free in her heart, she's free in her spirit. Hope moves within her... beauty finds her. She dances.

Our heartbeat... To see freedom in the lives of the 27 million in our world today that are held as slaves.

Our cry... To believe in the future and hope of the 800 000 girls who are trafficked across international borders each year for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Our passion... To seek a haven for a child who is one of the estimated 1.2 million children trafficked every year.

Our prayer... To create a movement of response to injustice in our world within artists, musicians, organisations, churches and every breathing soul.

Our vision... To show love turned into action and then freedom.

There are different ways you can support, with monthly donations, gifts and purchasing awesome T-Shirts in their store. Please visit the site and have a look at what they do :)

Cassie - Graduation

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of photographing my friend's (Nikki's) niece Cassie before her school formal in Bundaberg. Nikki was the main photographer, but she let me tag along and take my own snaps (thank you! :D). Here are my favourites, I hope you like them!

We were blessed with gorgeous GORGEOUS light that afternoon. And isn't Cassie a doll? :)

I love to shoot candid and natural. I love these next 2 shots, because they weren't "meant" for me, if you know what I mean :)
I couldn't decide between these next three, so I chose them all! :)
And where would such a beautiful graduate be without a couple of escorts? Meet Morgan and Beau, her studly dates! :)
Thanks guys for letting me take your photos! I hope you had a wonderful evening! :)

Featured!!! - Dandelion and Grey

I've been featured!

Lauren and Jerry's engagement session was featured on Dandelion and Grey! If you haven't seen this site, you need to! I love visiting there, everyday there is more inspiration and beautiful things to look at. Erin is an amazing designer, so if you are in her area (lucky you!) check out her work! :D

Thank you Erin for featuring this shoot! :D

I'm ba-ack!

Two weeks just flew! I've been away, getting a much needed break from my computer.

This is Suki. My friend Nikki (also the photographer for this shoot ;)) is looking at buying her. Suki let us lay all over her, she was so quiet and good natured, she even fell asleep while we took photos.

I need to get me a horse that lets me do this all day ;)

I have more posts coming soon, so keep watching!