John and Jade - more engagement photos

I edited some more of John and Jade's shoot and found some more favourites.


I think this one is my favourite from the whole day...
I'm experimenting a bit with lens flare, both natural and Photoshopped...

I was going for a vintage feel with this collage...
Enjoy! :)

In My Backyard...

I get bored with my backyard. There's only so many photos I can take of the same view, the same flowers, the same broken fence. However, I was nicely surprised when I, with nothing else to do, went out into the yard and started taking photos, and liked what I saw.

A few new angles and my photographic hunger was cured for the afternoon. I also made a pleasant discovery down the stairs to the bottom level of our backyard - some big ol' fat dandelions, a little worse for wear after the storms, but still oh so photogenic! They also made for lots of childish fun once I was finished!

Hope you like... :)


I love vintage and antique. I love anything that has aged. I love things that are broken and faded and falling apart or falling down. If it looks like it has a story to tell, I want to know that story.

Lacey and Grier

This photo was a fluke - Grier grabbed her sister and said "Annie! Cheese!" And I clicked. :)


Here is a sampling of what else I do. I don't have a great macro lens, and I'm just not all that good at these kinds of shots, so bear with me :)

Walking into an antique store and finding a rocking horse hidden at the back - that's what this necklace makes me think of. I like the vintage looking beads and the dream agate. You really can't take the country out of a girl!
 Turds, hemorroids - just some reactions I have gotten for this necklace. I don't care - it's one of the best things I've ever made, considering I taught myself how to as I went along. It has teeny tiny labradorite beads in between the turds.
 Something simple and pretty. Everybody likes dragonflies, this necklace has my favourite bead on it - a faceted Swarovski cube in the colour Vintage Rose.
 I made these at a class I took in Kentucky. They're pretty easy to make and look really good, you just need a good stomach to pull them through your ears!
 Some more of my favourite stones to work with. The black one is lava (yes, next to the turd), the big ones are ocean jasper - this particular bracelet I used only the green shades, I have another bracelet in the browns - and a big, natural rock crystal nugget.
 Another view...

I used all the different shades of purple I could find in my collection. The big beads are amethyst, then there are Swarovski crystals and hearts, and Czech glass beads.
More Swarovski crystal hearts, these are in my favourite colour. I can't remember the name of the colour, I think it's Vitrail??? I made the rest of the photo black and white to make it stand out (I love Photoshop!) At the end of the chains is a Swarovski pearl and crystal.
All of my jewellery is made with sterling silver, and I never EVER use plastic beads. It's all glass and crystal and precious stones and pearls and all other types of wonderful and natural things!

What became of my first pregnancy photo shoot...

Remember this...?
That bump became Havi Grace. Now at six weeks old...

Having a chat with me...

So cute! :)

John and Jade - engagement

Here are my favourites from the day - hope you like them!


Here is a sneak peek at my first official engagement photo shoot! More to come...

Toowong Cemetery

I'm strange, I know, but I love cemeteries! They are so beautiful: the older the better! These ones are from Toowong. I'd love to sell some prints one day, but I don't know who would want photos of graves on their walls...


If you are my friend, chances are I will ask you to pose for photos for me. Here are a few examples of that :)

I'm also playing around with Photoshop - it's fun!

I love all things old and broken and abandoned and falling apart and falling down and falling into disrepair...... you get the picture. I think these things are beautiful.

Thank you Eleni!