Shot to the Heart 11

Sorry so late! :) It's been a big week with friends visiting from the States, and lots of photos from that to come! Here is one - just a quick snap from West End. I love street photography, I wish I had more confidence in photographing strangers. I saw this girl sitting in a restaurant, but when I went to take her photo she turned and looked at me so I couldn't. Later she walked past me, so I did it! :)

Good Friday

Wish you could have seen it for real.

Shot to the Heart 10

I found this photo I took almost a year ago. Beautiful little Havi :) I'll be visiting her soon for the arrival of her new baby brother or sister - I can't wait! I have been aching to photograph kids for a while now. My friend Nikki and her brood of (nearly) nine are my favourites! I love them! And I know I will love the new one just as much :) See you soon!

Shot to the Heart 9

So very late I'm sorry! I've been out all day picnic-ing in the rainforest beside waterfalls. It was pretty rough :)

This Shot is from March's facebook competition (April's winner has been picked, but after that the months are still open, so get your name down for a chance to win a free photo shoot! :)) I love the composition of this shot, her beautiful hair and eyelashes - it's just so sweet and girly - I love it! :)
The rest will be blogged soon! :)


Manly is fast becoming one of my new favourite suburbs.
This is an old fish and chip shop that is for sale/lease! I want it! :) (Look in the window - there are plants growing inside!)
On the way home we pulled into a side street to get this shot.
This one is taken inside the car. The dark blue is the edge of my windscreen.

Also, if you have a moment, please check out my new ART album on facebook. I am going to start printing some of my work. I'll keep you posted :)

More of Megan

I realise I have posted from this shoot twice already (here and here) but forgot to post the whole thing!

I think what makes this shoot stand out for me is how comfortable Megan is in her own skin, and how much she trusted me behind the camera. These two things make for the best photo shoots - as does a ridiculously awesome location and gorgeous afternoon light!