Shot to the Heart 3

The Princess and the Frog
On a recent photo shoot, up a tree :D, I moved a branch aside to get a better shot. I squealed when my hand touched something cold, wet, and slimy. Luckily I didn't hurt the little fella. Isn't he cute!?

I don't normally like frogs. Let's be honest, if they are big enough, I scream and run. But how could I resist that little guy?

This photo is everything that I want my photography to be. The whole photo shoot was. It was more than someone looking at my camera and forcing a smile. It was more than taking a photo that showed what a person looks like. It's in the moment. It's a memory. It's unposed, undirected. The day was full of personality and character shining through everything she did. She climbed trees, she ran through the sea and the sand, she lay down in long grass, she cartwheeled, she whipped her hair, she played with a frog, a jellyfish and a ladybug. She didn't do these things because there was a camera pointed at her. That's just who she is.

Unfortunately a camera sometimes might as well be a gun. Point it at a person (and shoot) and their personality dies. Their character hides behind, "Am I smiling to big? Where do I put my hands? Can you see my double chin? Will you please Photoshop the zit off my cheek?" (I'm quoting myself here... which is why I am the photographer, not the photographed:))

I am a quiet person, so when I'm behind my camera, sometimes I forget to talk. I don't say a lot unless you talk to me, which is something I should probably work on. I don't like to pose too much and give too much instruction on what I think you should look like or be doing in the photo. What I have said, one of my only instructions, is "Just be" and the best photos have come from when I am silent.


  1. I love the lighting in the photo (and the adorable little frog)!!!

  2. So gorgeous! How fun to find a frog in the middle of a shoot! The lighting here is so fantastic. I'm the same way with shoots. Posing takes all of the fun out of it. It's just so much better to just set the "subject" free and follow with your camera :) Great job!!

  3. Thank you ladies! I love me some afternoon light! :)