Abandoned and Beautiful

I cannot get over abandoned buildings. I love them. We kind of trespassed a little, and ran off scared a few times, (Mt Glorious is a SCARY place...) but it was worth it for these photos! :)
LOVE the blue door!
And then the afternoon finished nicely with a pretty sunset...and nearly hitting a dingo with my car on the way home! I've never seen a dingo in the wild before! It was scary!
I ADORE this first shot! I'm sorry Photoshop, but your rendered lens flare has got nothing on natural!

Enjoy! :)

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  1. Hey Annie, I love checking out your blog and seeing the wicked photos that you have been taking..I have a friends blog you should check out she is a photographer too and i did a trash the dress shoot for her a while back, she has lately been taking lots of baby photos so I think you will enjoy. http://www.mbcphotography.blogspot.com/

    Talk soon - Michelle Gage (Hood)