Northwest Community Church meets at a school tuckshop on my street. My parents have been going there for a while, and towards the end of last year I was asked to come along and take some promotional photos for them. I love observing with photography; being a fly-on-the-wall, pretending like I'm not there.

I like seeing church happening outside of four walls. There are no pews, there is no pulpit. This might be a subject for another blog post, but, for me, church is more than a Sunday service, more than a building, more than a denomination. It doesn't need to have structure. It was nice to spend the morning seeing a type of church some people aren't used to seeing.


  1. These are stunning photographs. You have a great eye. I hope you be as good someday.

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    1. Aw thank you! You have a lovely blog :)

  2. I love these! I love seeing churches do things less traditionally and more in tune with real people. It's such a beautiful thing to see. : )

  3. You are an incredible photographer!