A little while ago I mentioned I'd spent the day picnicing beside waterfalls. The day was filled with so many little treasures to photograph - special leaves, beautiful moss - I love nature! I edited them a little differently than usual as more of an art project. I hope you like them :)

I went with Sarah, we both brought our cameras :)
This rooster crossed the road and nearly got hit by a car! He's pretty :)
Sarah went swimming! It was SO cold!

Before we went home we stopped at the beach.
 As a photographer, it helps having pretty friends :)
It p-o-u-r-e-d on the way home. Then the sunset broke through the clouds and lit everything up so beautifully.


  1. Oh man, these are beautiful! I love that last one of the heart on the window. The waterfall is gorgeous!

    Has it cooled down at all there? I know it's your fall, but it still looks like the weather is amazing!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! :) It is quite cold here right now. That day was nice and sunny and warm enough for shorts, but the waterfalls are always cold. I didn't go in the water - I'm not that brave! :)

  3. These are really beautiful! Now I miss nature even more, it's kinda bad to live in the city and nothing like this around us. In Finland,I used to live next to the sea, lake or forests and now in France it's city without any nature. I want to live next to the waterfalls ;)

  4. Thank you Sini :) I agree - I love nature much, MUCH more than the city. These waterfalls were a while away from where I live, but I do have some about a half-hour drive from me which is good :)

  5. So. I decided you need to come kidnap me. I want to be there!! Sooo beautiful! And your friend is very pretty. Sweet pictures. :]

  6. Haha! I don't think I could get it past Adam - he's a cop! :) Unless I come up with a really good plan and kidnap you both! Thanks for your sweet comments!