Brad and Tiffany visit Australia - Day 9

I'm still here I promise! Well, I wasn't. :) Sorry for the lack of posts and leaving y'all hanging for the final days of Brad and Tiffany's Australia visit. I had a mini-holiday and spent some time with friends in my old hometown. Will post pictures from the trip if I EVER get caught up! I have so much editing to do, so many posts to finish... it's never ending!

Anyway, we are almost at the end of the Australian adventure. For those who have read along I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into Brisbane and what you can expect if you ever want to come visit me! :)

Day 9 was Anzac Day, but Brad and Tiff hadn't bought any souvenirs yet, so we took a risk and went into the city. Most stores were closed, but the tourist-y shops were open! They loaded up on some pretty nice gifts, making sure to look for the "Made in Australia" logo ;) Because it was Anzac Day and the parade had just finished, there were lots of diggers around the city, and we stopped to talk to a group of them at the train station. I don't know if it's all war veterans or just these guys, but they LOVE telling stories. They're always interesting, and I always like to shake their hands and listen to them.
We went to a couple of music stores:
 Self-portrait in a Louis Vuitton window :)
Then we headed home:
...where Brad and Tiffany quickly got ready and we headed out to catch the final hours of daylight for a photo shoot! Coming soon! :)


  1. Annie! You're back! : )

    Love that photo of the records! And that window display/self portrait? AMAZING!

  2. Aw thanks Stephanie! :)

  3. Love these pictures, of course! :]

  4. Thanks Amber! :)