Brad and Tiffany visit Australia - Day 8

Day 8 we woke up far too early to head to the bayside to catch the ferry across to Stradbroke Island.
We'd never been before, so we had to drive around for a bit to find our way, rent some snorkelling equipment, find out where we could snorkel, and buy some (overpriced) lunch. But I think it's worth it when this is the view from your picnic table.
We stopped at one beach to try and snorkel but the current was so strong and the waves so rough we just swam around for a bit. The second beach we went to didn't have any reef or rocks to snorkel on, so we went up one end of the beach and floated with the current down to the other end with our faces in the water. It was so good, we did it 3 times.
And here are our underwater pictures!!!
As we waited for the ferry to take us back to the mainland we saw another crazy beautiful sunset.
This guy wandered up and sat down with us as we watched the sun go down. He knew tricks :)
Going home...
Posers! :)


  1. These photos are absolutely breathtaking...the clouds, the water the sunset...well done!

  2. Thank you! :)

  3. Ooooooohhhh!! I LOVE them! :D They are ALL amazing. I just want to squeeze that doggie... He was so cute!

  4. How cool was he doing those tricks!? :)

  5. Lovely pictures the waterfall in the beginning was mystic :D

  6. Thank you Sarah - though I think that comment was meant for the following post? I appreciate it anyway! :)