Brad and Tiffany visit Australia - Day 5 & 6

Yesterday my blogger was having issues and I couldn't post, so I'll save Shot to the Heart for later. Next week hopefully. I have so much blogging to do!

So, Day 5 my Dad took Brad into the city to a couple of Lexus dealerships (Brad works for Lexus in Kentucky) and to Lamborghini and other places like that.
So while the boys were having fun with their toys, I took Tiffany to Paddington. It's a nearby suburb with beautiful antique stores, gift stores, jewellery stores, book stores, designer clothes, cafes, etc. Heaven :) We only walked one end of it - there's just too much to see, so I took Tiff to the best part.

If I had a spare $70, I would have bought this hat:
We had lunch at the Java Lounge Cafe.
This is in an amazing antique store. It used to be a theatre and still has original paint and balconies/facades on the walls. Only it's full of antiques. You could spend hours in here.
After the antique store we went to Monty's Chocolates where we each had a little chocolate ball. I also had a sample of their hot chocolate, which is basically like chocolate sauce. SO good!
Day 6 we met up with my sister and her husband and headed down the coast. We stopped first at Surfer's Paradise, stood on the beach for a little bit and then decided to explore Cavill Ave (big tourist/shopping street).

Since it was Good Friday, Surf City Church was performing in the square and handing out balloons. It was so cool to see how many people walking past were singing along.
(I do take a lot of photos of the reflections in peoples' sunnies .)
First tastes of gelato :)
Dad and Brad chatting up some chick in a cool car :)
After we'd walked a while we got back in the cars and headed across the border to Fingal Head (you might remember this location from Melanie and Joseph's wedding - Part 1, 2 and 3).
We taught Brad and TIff how to play cricket! :)
Dad shows us how it's done.
I wish we could have taken our cameras in the water. It was the end of April, a time when we wouldn't normally swim, but this day was perfect. A little cold when you first got in, but it was SO worth it! It wasn't too rough, the water was clearer than I've ever seen before, and the way the light shone right through to the sand was pure magic. I could have stayed in there all day.
After the swim my mum, sister and brother-in-law went home and the rest of us hiked the little way up to the lighthouse. Again - pure magic. The waves were so big, and the sound of them hitting the cliffs is one you don't get sick of too easily. Then when the sun went down, it was the perfect end to the day. Oh and we saw a dolphin! :) You can almost always see dolphins from the cliffs. (Again won't let me embed...)
No photo could ever show how beautiful the sky actually was. I stitched one together here. But you had to be there to really see the amazing layers of light, cloud and colour. I've never seen anything quite so beautiful. It didn't look real.
Day 7 & 8 are next! :)


  1. that hat would have been mine as well. beautiful photos.

  2. Isn't it pretty? I love hats! :) Thanks for visiting! :)