Melanie and Joseph - Wedding - pt1

So I've been waiting a long time to post this one!!! :)


Melanie was featured by as a "Cool New Person"

The Australian beauty captured Joseph's attention.
And so begins the story of...

Joseph and Melanie

Since then they have flown more than
kilometres to share a kiss here and there.

They've run up phone bills with more than
hours of international talk time.

They've worn out at least

And after



they will be...



(That was from their video invitation:)) Joseph contacted me about being their photographer while he was still living in Arizona, trying to move half way around the world to be with Melanie and her two daughters Malia and Angela.

They were married 20.10.2010 at Fingal Head lighthouse with just me and my Dad as witnesses. It was sweet and lovely, and I took so many photos that I want to share that I will have to put them into two or three posts. :)

The day started at the Mantra on Salt Beach resort. I had so many photos I decided to try my hand at collages. I like what I came up with :) I'll start with a bit of bling. The weddings rings are from Israel and engraved in Hebrew with "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." (From Song of Songs 2:16)
Melanie got herself and the girls ready:
These next two of the girls getting their earrings are probably my favourite of the day. I fell in love with black and white photos over again and again with this shoot. This is Angela:
And this is Malia:
While the girls kept getting ready, I ducked next door to see how Joseph was going and did some portraits of him:
Then I went back and found the girls all ready to pose :) (Melanie's mother made all three dresses! And Melanie made the beaded tie around her dress:))
They had helped Melanie make this ribbon:
At this point we were running out of time and needed to get to the lighthouse, so I snapped a couple of Melanie and we got going:
This location was priceless. Quickly before we started I took a few more portraits of Melanie:
Getting married:
These next two are also my favourties :)

And I'll be back soon with more! :) :) :)


  1. Annie!! Wow!! This is so beautiful, I was almost teary-eyed from the story, then the pictures?? My goodness girl, you are gaining talent SO fast!! Your work has always impressed me, but every post is like "whoa!". GREAT work!

  2. Thanks Maddie!!! It means so much that you like my work - you're encouragement is such an amazing support to me :)