Brad and Tiffany visit Australia - Day 4

My apologies for the last post - I got Day 4 and Day 7 mixed up!
Here is the actual Day 4 :)
We chilled for most of the morning before heading out to West End. It's become my thing - if you visit me, I will take you there. More importantly, I will take you to 3 Monkeys. It's my favourite little coffee and tea house ever, even though I don't drink coffee or tea. I go there for the decor and the Turkish Delight. I swear it's made by the White Witch of Narnia. I never liked Turkish Delight until I tasted it here. I always get one to eat, and then at least one to take-away to bring home to my Dad. Poor Dad. He never used to have to share Turkish Delight in our house.
Anyway, here are the photos :)
After 3 Monkeys we went for a walk. I am falling in love with street photography. I just wish I could get over my fear and photograph people in the streets.
This place was for lease. I would LOVE to live upstairs and have a studio/gallery/store/cafe downstairs.
One of my many nicknames...
Oh and we tried on some vintage clothes :)
I had the same expression on my face looking at that octopus :S
Now that I am back on track, Days 5 & 6 are next! :)


  1. Fun photos! I love the scooter picture! And I love the coloring in all the photos. Beautiful job!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! :) They're actually bicycles that you can rent - they're everywhere in and around the city. I've always wanted to get one, but I'm too scared to ride in all the traffic! :)

  3. Such lovely light and pretty detail shots!

  4. Thank you Erin! :) I love street detail and texture. And afternoon light :) It's my favourite!