One thing I'll remember forever is the people.

Yes, the mountains and forests make me ache so hard, like a homesickness because I can never have enough of them, and the places I've seen far exceeded every expectation I tried to have for their beauty.

But the people I met in America, who took me to those places so beautiful I still can't believe they exist, who paid my way, who opened their homes to me, fed me, clothed me, prayed with me, and loved me - they are more memorable to me.

Thankfully, while in Idaho, I got to photograph some of those beautiful people. Christina had to work on my last day in Hailey, so I hung out with her friends while they baked cookies and I made photos.
Bekah and Gabriel, who was born a week before I got there! :)
Benaiah, Justus, and Caleb in the background - guitar surfing! (They all had Angry Birds tattoos :))
When the cookies were ready to eat the boys snuggled on the couch with grandma :) Such a sweet moment.