On my second day in Idaho, Christina and I drove up through Ketchum and Sun Valley to a little mountain town called Stanley. The drive through the mountains took my breath away- we oohed and aahed just like on our road trip here in Australia. On that trip, one thing Christina wanted to see was a koala in the wild. I've never seen one, so I didn't think it would happen, but it did. On my Idaho trip one thing I wanted to see was snow. It was only autumn, so Christina didn't think it would happen, but... IT DID! We saw it falling from a cloud off the highway, so Christina drove down a dirt road on the side and found it for me so I could play in it. It was like little tiny hailstones, not fluffy or sticking, but it was still magic. As we left it, I thanked God for giving me the snow, and heard a quiet voice in my head say, "You haven't seen anything yet!" Well... you'll have to wait for Part 4 to find out what that means! :)
It was so windy and SO cold up there!
I couldn't believe Stanley was real. It was amazing - it looked like a movie set.


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    1. One of the most breathtaking places I've ever been!