Last weekend we drove to Stanthorpe to introduce Daniel to his great-grandparents and extended family. Whenever I go back there, I feel a little bit more each time that I could live there again. I am a country girl, and I miss living in a small town. I stood out on the verandah and felt the cold wind blowing so strongly, with no buildings blocking its way and no scent of traffic or pollution, and I felt home.

Before we left, we stopped by my grandparents old house on the next property. It's been neglected and fallen into disrepair. It was really sad to see it, the base of so many memories, Christmases especially. There used to be a vineyard, orchards and pine trees as well. Now it is a bean farm, and the forest that we used to walk through to go swimming/fishing in the river is gone. I wish I could buy the place and fix it up. I want it to stay in the family.


  1. I know how you feel! We just saw a piece of our family's property sold off because none of us could afford to buy it for ourselves! I'm trying to keep my chin up about it! If it's not meant to be, I won't be the one to force fate in the wrong direction, you know? But the nostalgia definitely is hard to beat!

    1. It's sad isn't it? My grandparents have such a good attitude about it. They had to watch their vineyards and orchards be turned into beans, but they just say that it was never theirs to begin with. They let go and thank God, because it's all his.