Well, we did it! Number 2 is crossed off my list! :)
(As Christina danced, there was a cloud dancing with her :))
(Our theme for the trip... "Embrace it." We embraced "road-trip-with-no-airconditioning-so-the-windows-have-to-be-down hair" :))
Our adventure started at 9.30am on Wednesday last week when I picked up my friend Christina (who is in the photo at the bottom of the list) from the airport. From there, we hit the highway. We decided to take the inland route north, through the Glasshouse Mountains, to a waterfall/swimming hole a friend had told us about. We jumped off cliffs and swung of rope swings! So much fun! :) After that we went shopping in a small country town called Maleny, then headed to our first hostel of the trip in Tin Can Bay. We fed the dolphins at the beach in the morning, then headed to Rainbow Beach, stopping at a freezing cold creek for a swim first. We explored a sandblow at Rainbow Beach, before driving to Hervey Bay, stopping once to play at one of the pine plantations and then dinner in Maryborough, before our next hostel. The following day we had little success making pancakes on the barbecue, and even less success finding something to do in Hervey Bay, so we decided to head south and see what Noosa had to offer: two nights, two hostels, hiking to a lake we never found, a koala, sunset and sunrise on the beach, Hillsong Noosa. Then we headed home, stopping at one beach on the way for a swim. Back in Brisbane we watched Napoleon Dynamite, got an early night and made a quick dash to Southbank for a swim before I took Christina back to the airport in the morning.

((If you're not from Queensland, you won't understand much of where we went, but I just wanted to write it down so I didn't forget :)))

We had a GREAT time. I've haven't laughed that hard in so long, and each day we purposed to do something that scared us, whether it was jumping off a high swing into a waterfall, or sharing a hostel room with six LOUD Brazilian backpackers! :)

(PS: There aren't many pictures here because halfway through the trip my camera decided to stop working altogether :( It's working again now, but I think number 14 on my list will have to happen soon!)

Next time I see Christina will be in America! Praying for either mid this year or 2013! :)

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