If you read my blog, you know who Sarah is. Anytime we get together with our cameras, magical things happen. Our trip to Burleigh was no different. We read books and lay in the sand, soaking up the sun, were flocked by seagulls as we ate yummy greasy food, I GOT MY NOSE PIERCED!!!!, went for a beautiful hike, played with giant dandelions, and saw a whale! (Well, all we saw was a little water spurt off on the horizon... but still! A whale! :))

Sarah has oodles of talent. She took a few pictures of me, and everyone knows I really am uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I do like these :)


  1. These pictures are amazing...and the photos of your are beautiful! You should be in front of the camera more often! : )

  2. Thank you Stephanie :) I do want more photos of me, even though I don't like them. I will want to remember my life one day! :)

  3. Yep, I love these pictures of you! Beautiful thing you!