Happy New Year everyone! :)

December was hectic, and I have quite a few things lined up for January that I'm excited for that I'll get to in a minute. Firstly though, here is a little look at my Christmas. This is my family:
And our tree. I love that we have a fibre-optic tree covered in wooden and handmade decorations. It's so pretty, and most of these ornaments are made by my mother, and we've had them as long as I can remember. (She also made our stockings this year out of burlap, but I forgot to take a photo. I will soon.):
After Christmas my good friends Sarah and Caleb got married! :) Then for New Years I joined some friends who were camping in NSW. It was HOT and I am SUNBURNED! Parts of QLD and NSW have been evacuated because of flooding, but the clouds parted for the wedding, and for camping. It was miraculous!
  There were lots of jellyfish on the beach.
So now it is 2011, and I plan to make some changes to my business.

Firstly I want to start blogging more, and more personally. Jasmine Star started out this way, and her clients got to know who she was before they hired her. She was as open and honest and she could possibly be for two reasons: to attract and to repel. By being herself, she is attracting clients who will like her, and repelling those that won't, which in the end makes everybody happy.

When Jasmine started, all she could see were other photographers advertising by price, equipment, credentials, etc. And she didn't have any of that. She had a prosumer camera (like me!), a kit lens, and one CF card. She realised she couldn't win at the game they were playing, so she invented her own game, and IS winning.

So, I may blog boring things, but I want people to hire ME, and not just a "camera-clicker" (as I call it) :)

Another change is my prices. Just slightly. My portrait package now includes 10 high-resolution digital images, and is now $150.

For weddings, I will be working on the package over the next month. I want to start including albums, so I will be making a sample album soon which I am excited for! I'm also looking at getting a Showit website, which will, one day, enable me to design mini-sites for my wedding clients! Here is a post Jasmine did about this. It might explain it better than I could. (And yes, I talk about her a lot. In my house I start a sentence with "Jasmine said..." and my mother knows what I am talking about :)) Jasmine also said this about connecting facebook to Showit, so it seems like it's a pretty good thing to get. That will be happening soon, I'll keep y'all posted.

AND I also hope to purchase one or both of these cameras (1 and 2) and introduce them as another facet to my business. I love old film effects, and I would love to have the option for clients to choose to incorporate a roll of film into their sessions.

So I hope to check all of this off at the end of 2011. 2010 was a BIG year for me, it felt like 10 years, but not a lot actually happened. It was all just internal growth and change, which was great, but I'm over it! :) I am really excited for my business to grow physically.

And, for one last thing, here are two previews of some posts coming up:


  1. Oh my goodness! That picture of the colored rocks is amazing! And the pictures of your family are beautiful...looks like you had a great holiday!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! :)

  3. great photos! and your blogs are def not boring...keep em coming! =)

  4. Thanks Laura :D I'll try to keep it interesting!

  5. Aww your photography is an amazing breath of fresh air :)

  6. I wish it were possible for you to do our wedding pics...or at least our engagement ones :) My fav was the people in the bookstore. I adore old books and libraries and bookstore/ coffee shop duos. What a perfectly lovely idea! But the Australia to Indiana route is a bit over budget....*deep sigh* oh well, guess I'll just settle for a Such Delights Star Necklace ??? Are there more by chance?

  7. Thanks Rachel (at The Inspired House) for visiting! :) And thanks for such a nice compliment!

    I would love to take your photos Rachel (QuirkyGirl)! I love bookstores too :) As for the necklace I sold them all so I will have to order some more. I'll send you an email and let you know :)

  8. Wow! I am so impressed! Your photography is breathtaking. You have really grown as an artist! Blessings in the New Year to you and yours.

  9. Thanks Tanya, good to hear from you :)