Kirsty and Paul - Engaged

Welcome to another long post! :) I couldn't decide (again) between the MANY pictures that I took, so be prepared to scroll! :) :) :)

I am shooting Kirsty and Paul's wedding in February next year and I can't wait! We met at Roma Street Parklands for their engagement shoot last weekend, and despite it POURING rain when I left for the train station, not being able to find an umbrella, AND having a cold, the sun came out, the sky cleared, and as we explored the beautiful gardens, we had an amazing time! So amazing that their two hour session became an almost three hour session! I didn't want to stop! :)

I hope you enjoy these shots!

These guys brought umbrellas, and we didn't end up needing them, but we used them anyway.

I love these next two...

When Kirsty emailed to tell me she was bringing lollipops, I was more than a little excited... :)

I love coming up with ring shots - and I LOVE this one :)

Too cute :)

I was very happy that the sun came out...

The playground was a fun location :)

Here's another ring shot. Kirsty requested this one after seeing Sarah and Caleb's. What do you think: should it become my "signature" shot? :)

Most people would know how much I love rain. The louder the thunder and the scarier the lightning the better :) Fog, snow, sleet, floods and hail make me happy :) However, since becoming a photographer, I've gained a deeper appreciation for the sun, and this is why:

How sweet and happy are they?! :)

I love the Parklands because there are so many gorgeous little corners to shoot in.

Thanks Kirsty and Paul for letting me photograph your beautiful selves. It was lovely to meet you and I'm so excited for February!