Happy Birthday To Me!!! :)

I am now 22 years old. :)




Since I don't really have much else to say, here are 22 random things you might not know about me.


1. Because I couldn't think of anything to say about myself, so I Googled "random questions" and answered some of them. :)

2. I share a birthday with Desmond Tutu, Thom Yorke, Shawn Ashmore, Rachel McAdams, Simon Cowell, Michael W. Smith, John Mellencamp and Vladimir Putin.

3. I am eclectic. So I don't have a favourite "thing" like a food, colour, style, song, etc. I have too many of each category. Don't make me choose between them!

4. I do not like being called Anne, or Anna. I am Annie. It's not a nickname. It is my name.

5. My nicknames are: Annie Frangipani, Frangipani Annie, Frangipani, Frannie, Pannie, Nanny, Andy and Miss America. I've also answered to Charlie, Chook, Possum, Fred, Mugsy and Wench.

6. I have had two surgeries - both of them on one toe. I have also had stitches in my head. Queen Latifah and I have matching scars. :)

7. I want to go to Israel, Egypt, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Greece, and every state in America I haven't been to yet (I think I've been to about eleven.)

8. I can put my feet behind my head.

9. Barbara from Bank World makes me laugh. "I'm in a meeting!" (I think only Australians will understand that one!)

10. My phobias - heights, falling from heights (so no roller coasters or sky diving for me!), deep water (and things that are in deep water), sharks, toads, frogs, grasshoppers, feet and people driving too close to my car.

11. I despise text-talk. LOL, OMG, l8er, etc. Especially when it is used in actual, face to face conversation. Don't say LOL if I say something funny. You have my permission to actually LAUGH OUT LOUD.

12. I am a horse, cow, duck and chicken person (as opposed to dog person or cat person).)

13. I don't like cheese, milk or butter/margarine. But I love ice cream.

14. I want John Howard back as our Prime Minister. I had a photo taken with him a couple of years ago. I should find it...

15. I love the 80's. 80's music, and children's movies and TV shows the most. My favourite movies are Labyrinth and Return to Oz.

16. I have the craziest, weirdest, vivid dreams, almost every night. This fact may have something to do with the 80's movies that I like... My sister had to pass a mental health examination for her work, and one of the questions was "What do you normally dream about?" I wouldn't have passed.

17. My favourite childhood books were by Enid Blyton. Especially the Magic Faraway Tree. Also a book by Joan Aiken called "The Last Slice of the Rainbow - and other stories." This book may also help you to understand why I dream the way I do. :)

18. If I had three wishes they would be for: world peace (honestly, this one covers everything!), wings so that I could fly, and the ability to breathe under water.

19. I am addicted to houses. I frequent real estate websites, apartmenttherapy.com, and sometimes just like to drive around looking at houses. If I had millions of dollars, I would buy houses, not shoes.

20.  I like to read dictionaries, phone books, street directories, maps, and atlases.

21. I wear glasses or contact lenses.

22. I am not on facebook. I know - it's shocking.


(Thanks Jess for the photo!)


  1. omgosh, what date is your bday? Jacques' bday was on Tuesday
    Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Happy birthday! (bit late)

    So funny post, I'm chicken,horse and all animals - person too! And I hate text talk too, I think I don't even know all these.

    This is one funny video, cool dad:


  3. Hi Sara! My birthday was today, the 7th :) Happy Birthday Jacques!!!

    Sini - hahahaha!! I saw that when it was on TV! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! =)


  5. :) :) :) Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! And good for you not being on facebook! I am not either! : )

  7. Thanks Mandy! Hooray I'm not the only one!!! :)

  8. Hey ANNIE :) Awesome post! Happy 22!! I hope its everything that you want it to be!

  9. Thanks Brandon! :) Thanks for visiting :)

  10. Awe man! I totally am late in the game but Happy Birthday Annie!!!! I hope you had the most amazing day and congratulations on turning 22!!!! This is going to be an amazing year for you, I just know it! Thank you for being you! <3

  11. It's never too late! :) Haha!!! :) Thanks Mary!!!♥