5am wake-up call

I headed to NSW yesterday for a wedding -- my first out-of-state and another thing to cross off my bucket-list (which is so long it only exists in my mind :)) Waking up at 5 is not as bad as I always imagine it to be, but when we drove through this...

... I was a little worried I would face the creative challenge of shooting a rainy-day wedding (which also happens to be on the list, but that doesn't mean I'm not nervous for it) and keeping my rented lens dry. And my camera.

Luckily the clouds parted to give me a sunburn, but stayed close enough to provide epic skies for our photos! :)

Hope you enjoy this little preview and stay tuned for the rest! :)


  1. Glad the weather stayed off for you! your right it looks epicily awesome :)
    xoxo bec

  2. Thanks Bec and Mary :)