It’s after 10.30pm, and I must admit, I wish I were showering and/or sleeping. I was so looking forward to standing under the rushing water, letting the cares and worries of the day run down the drain for at least five minutes, tumbling into my cute little Ikea bed and letting my pillow and blankets hug me to sleep, the hum of my fan calming my thoughts, and then praying Jesus please give me good dreams.

But, it’s usually these times, when I know I have to wake early in the morning for the gym, work or something else (Courtney arrives on a plane in the morning!) that I can’t sleep. I know I have a nocturnal right-brain, but it’s like it knows when to spring into action, and when it’s really going to annoy me.

In any case, I’m having a massive creative explosion happening up. in. here! And I have to write it down or it will settle on the floor and get swept up like confetti after a party.

I am itching to get my hands on my new camera. It’s so close; I can almost feel it. It’s like I am about to reawaken these gifts and dreams I had a time ago, the ones that hid their shy, sad, frustrated faces when work slowed down, financial needs got bigger, and the old camera started to get sluggish. I feel like my dreams have new life, and I want to run at them with everything inside me.

I want to give more.

I’m still figuring it all out, pen on paper, in my journal. Before I tell on the blog I want it to be solid and doable, but by telling you this much now, I am accountable to see this new adventure through and to finish it. It will get done. And I promise to keep you all updated.

Good night! x


  1. I can't wait to hear more about this...until then I hope you find many opportunities for creative expression. Night time is my most creative time as well.

    1. Hoping to get this started soon!