What is your 2012 New Year's resolution? Pretty easy question.

Now imagine me saying it like it's a dare. Does it change your answer?

Sure, we all have the usual: lose weight, don't gain weight, save money, etc. But what would you do if someone DARED you to make a resolution, instead of simply asking what it was?

I ask myself, "So Annie, what are you going to do with 2012?" But I ask it like a dare. Like I want me to prove something to myself. Dream big. Go on. I dare you. Prove you can do it.

I see dares everywhere. Look around.

A limitless sky? Go on, touch it. Find it's limits. You can't fly? Do something about it. A measureless ocean? Innumerable worlds under the waves? Go visit them. You can't breathe underwater? Do something about it.

Why would God have created this space - the sky - and made it so vast, so infinite, and filled it with more mysteries than we can fathom, more stars than we can count, planets of every colour of the rainbow, if he didn't want us to see it? To explore it. To be as limitless.

Why would he make coral gardens more vibrant than flowers, underwater species more unique than land animals, and the whole world under the waves so fascinating, if he didn't want us to be fascinated by it?

The sea and the sky are so inviting, I think that's the point. We are invited. We are dared. There are no limits, so be limitless. He didn't create us to breathe underwater or to fly, but he gave us the creativity to make those impossible things possible. In that, we are limitless.

So, imagine 2012 is the sky. Or the sea. Spread your wings, or dive straight in. Imagine the countless colours in the coral gardens you'll see, or what is around the corner of that one, particularly sparkly star.

Imagine YOU are the sky. Or the sea.
PS: I love my iPhone camera :) It's perfect for when I don't want to carry around a big, heavy SLR with me.

The last two collages my friend Laura made on her iPhone from some underwater shots we took at the beach a few weeks back. I love them!


  1. This post is SO beautiful! I never make New Year's resolutions, but this makes me want to! Mostly I just want to create more, worry less, and be a better wife and mom. And maybe find some great adventures. : )

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Oh, sweet girl. I adore this post. It resonates deep within me. I love that He created things so uniquely and crazy beautiful so that we would be beckoned to Him.

    You are beautiful.