Here are the rest of the images from the day. I have too many favourites, so I won't mention which ones they are! :)
 The girls worked the wind:
 Stylish shoes :)
The girls stopped for some ice-cream. I asked for a taste of the Superfruit Sorbet (All natural sorbet, combining the zest of pomegranate with tangy blackcurrant, exotic goji berry and tropical passionfruit. These fruits are renowned for their antioxidant properties.) Unfortunately, I had a cold and couldn't taste a thing! :( I'll have to go back...
 Then we looked around the markets:
 The girls each bought a bracelet, and one for me too! :)
 Final stop before headed to the train station to go home :)
Thanks for the afternoon and the bracelet girls! I had fun! :)


  1. Thanks so much Annie! The girls and I loved your work! You're so talented! There are lotsa pics which I didn't even know you took them! Looking at these pictures just reminded me of that day and the times that we spent together. Thanks for your time beautiful lady xx

  2. You are welcome Jess! Thank YOU ALL for having me come along and take these photos! Your support for my work means so much to me :)

  3. Lovely pictures! The girls are so lovely, and they have great styles :) The bunny ears for the phone is so funny! Get better Annie, I hope the cold will pass soon.

  4. Thank you Sini :) They are all so stylish - I felt very under-dressed at this shoot! haha! :) I am much better now, thank you Sini :)

  5. That last picture in the bathroom!? I LOVE IT! I don't think I have ever seen so many great shoes and purses in one place before! What stylish models you have!

  6. Haha! Thanks Stephanie - that was my weird idea, I'm glad I managed to pull it off! And yes I want all their shoes! :)