Shot to the Heart 8

This week's Shot is a little late sorry! But it is still Monday so I haven't missed it yet! :) It's getting harder and harder to pick a photo that stands out enough, AND that hasn't been blogged before, but if I've taken a shot I love so much, chances are it's already been blogged, so this one you will have seen before, but I want to call special attention to it :)

I just love books. Especially old books. And old bookstores. I just think about the stories that can be found in an old book, and not just on the pages but the history behind the book itself. I love seeing the names of the people who've owned the book, or a letter in the front giving the book as a gift to someone. I have bought books from antique stores simply because I found an old letter or newspaper clipping in between the pages, or a beautiful poem handwritten inside.

This photo reminds me of those kinds of stories. Obviously this particular book has passed many hands, and I wish I knew the stories behind every pair. I am going to print this one :)


  1. I had to stop by and tell you that your photos are lovely! I especially love your logo and design of your blog, super professional looking! Love it :)

    Little Lady

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and for you lovely words! :) My blog and logo design is by


  3. Beautiful! I love this Shot to The Heart series :)

  4. Thanks Maddie! :)

  5. Thank you Arielle! :)