At high tide tomorrow, Brisbane will be flooded worse than the 1974 floods. Today we went up Mt Coot-tha to see what we could see.
It's hard to see but the river has broken it's banks on either side.
There wasn't too much to see from the look-out, so we decided to go as close to the city as we could.
How tall are traffic lights?
You can just see the top of the picket fence around this house.
That's Suncorp Stadium at the end of this street.
Sandbagging businesses.
These houses must be two-storeys.
There are helicopters everywhere.
At least in Brisbane we have warning, and we know that the water is coming. Houses and business are still going under, but at least people have been evacuated. Other towns haven't been as fortunate.

Please pray for Australia.

(We live away from the river and up high, so we aren't directly affected by the flood.)

UPDATE: Brisbane River peaked lower than expected, however the clean-up and rebuilding is still going to be a very long, hard process, and the weather is moving south and affecting more towns and states. Your prayers and help where possible are appreciated.


  1. You and your country are in deeply rooted in my prayers. <3

  2. annie! this breaks my heart! i loved brisbane.. and loved that i got the chance to go there. i am sorry that this is happening to your home! i will keep you and all of australia in my prayers. love you sweet girl!

  3. Thank you both so much :)

  4. I'll be saying a prayer for you today...stay safe and dry! I worked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and I know how awful the flood damage can be.

  5. Thanks Stephanie. The flood actually peaked a metre lower than first expected, so it didn't break the 1974 record, but the damage is still heart-breaking.