Such Delights and a GIVEAWAY!!!


Hi everyone! :)

I have been planning this for a LONG time, and I'm so excited for today!!!

As many of you may already know, I love to make jewellery. I used to do it a lot more often (back when I could afford it! :)), but this past year has been dedicated to my photography, so I had to put jewellery on the back burner, or, more literally, in a drawer where I can't see the mess! :)

It made me a little sad to think of all my beautiful beads and charms being stored away, waiting for the day when I can afford to completely set myself up a silversmithing studio workspace, so I decided to clean out the drawer -- and this is where you can benefit!

I bought a bunch of beautiful, delicate sterling silver chains and strung up every sterling silver charm I had left and a few special beads just crying for a home and named the line Such Delights (from Song of Songs 7:6) :)

Each beaded delight I am selling for $10, and each charm necklace I am selling for $15. Payments can be made safely through PayPal, and prices are in Australian dollars. If you are interested in purchasing a necklace please email me your location and I will let you know postage costs, which shouldn't be more (or much more) than $3.

The money will help me send off a Christmas gift package to the girls at the She Dances house in Honduras. Please go to their website and have a look around. If you are interested, you can donate to them in many different ways, through finances, gifts, and helping to spread the word! :)

Right, now to the


part!!! :)

Everyone who leaves a comment here will go into the draw to win a necklace of your choice, shipped anywhere in the world! :) I love to meet new people and bloggers so don't be shy, say hello and be sure to leave me your email address in case you win! One entry per person is allowed, and I will pick a random name in 10 days, so 12 noon on the 12th of November (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

I will also be featured on my friend Mandy's blog: She Breathes Deeply, so be sure to go on over and say hi, because she is a lovely person and has an amazing blog. Thanks so much for reviewing my work Mandy! :)

So, here they are! :) :) :)
(Click on each image for a larger version -- I also apologise that some of the charms seem pinkish: I was wearing a red shirt while photographing them. Not a good idea!)

1. Rock climber
2. Marriage license
3. Ant
4. Unicorn
5. Firefighter badge
6. Frill-necked lizard
7. Ballerina foot
8. Sunglasses
9. Spoon
10. Pegasus
11. Tinkerbell
12. Ballerina
13. Witch and cat on broomstick
14. Dice (well, one die but I don't like that word! :))
15. Wombat
16. Slice of pizza
17. Sailboat
18. Teapot
19. Star (3 left!)
20. Scooter
21. Teacup
22. Penguin
23. Cross (2 available)
24. Swan
25. Dollar sign
26. Emu
27. Washing machine
28. Lion
29. Teabag SOLD
30. Flying pig
31. Swarovski crystal
32. Millefiore glass teardrop
33. Faceted citrine bead
34. Turtle
35. Blue milliefiore glass diamond shape
36. Black glass bead
37. Pink glass bead with orange flower
38. Antique brass sun charm
39. Chalcedony branch (different sizes available)
40. Millefiore glass teardrop
41. Chrysocolla
42. Black glass leaf
43. Millefiore glass teardrop
44. Peace jade (more available)
45. Swarovski crystal
46. Glass droplet shape (12 available)
47. Milky opal glass bead
48. Glass flower
49. White keishi pearl (more available)
50. Pink heart-shaped shell
51. Saxophone
52. Amazonite (more unique shapes available)
53. Horse SOLD


  1. You're right, I do like that little rock climber :)

    Thank you for the always thoughtful comments on my blog.

  2. Hello! Visiting after seeing your comment on Aura's blog! Love these pictures. I had to stop and comment to say the engagement shot you last did is beautiful.
    (I don't want to steal her potential winning the rock climber so if my comment gets picked go ahead and give it to her! I would feel bad if I got it since that's what drew me to your blog! Haha!)

  3. Lovely ones, I really like the ballet shoe as it reminds me of my childhood in ballet school. And the leaf is amazing.

  4. As a wannabe baker, I like the spoon - it's different!

  5. I love the pizza slice!! haha what an awesome giveaway!

  6. Beautiful jewelry! I have your giveaway linked up on my blog. Let me know what you think!! I am so excited about your jewelry line!

  7. I just saw your post from Mandy's blog.. I love your unique designs with crystals and gems.

  8. your jewlery is simply beautiful :)

  9. wow. Everything is so beautiful! I love it. :]

  10. Your work is beautiful. I love how something ordinary can become extraordinary. These are amazing. =D

  11. I love the pearl, or the citrine. BEAUTIFUL!

  12. All of these are so lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your original designs :) The milky opal bead is my favorite, but they're all really cute.

  13. My favorite is 35, the blue flower one. Tis cute. :)

  14. Lovely! I'm a big fan of the emu and flying pig....always good to add a little whimsy to ones wardrobe!

  15. I really like the turtle & teabag necklaces.
    These are all so lovely & unique!

    I followed the link from Mandy's blog: & I'm so glad I did, because now I'll be checking your blog out regularly. :)

  16. Just found your site through She Breathes Deeply. I love that you've named Such Delights out of the SOS. Funny that 3 or so years ago God started loving on me and healing my heart throught the SOS. After a hard journey he gave me the most brilliant man who has taught me how that love letter is design to work in our lives through marriage as an example of the Father's love for us. Suddenly, I keep finding sites and knick knacks and this and thats all tied to SOS. Every time I stumble upon one it feels like a hug to my heart. Now there are these jewels. I look forward to reading you and getting to know you more. Shalom ~ Rachel

  17. These are just beautiful! I love the white keishi pearl, in particular.

    Should I win, you can find me at suburbansweetheart at gmail dot com. Good luck with sales!

  18. Just found your site through She Breathes Deeply....beautiful jewelry! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!

  19. What a marvelous giveaway! I found your blog through Mandy's... you have great talent! I love the glass bead ones and the horse one! Thank you for this opportunity!

  20. Hi, I just found your site through "She Breathes Deeply" and am so excited to have found your blog. I too am a photography in Charlotte, NC and LOVE meeting fellow photographers. Please visit my blog if you have a chance.

  21. I've thought about the star necklace all weekend. I need that one. It sings to me. I don't see a tab or a way to purchase it outright. Can you direct me so that I may be a proud owner of one of the 4 star necklaces available? Thank you :)

  22. Annie-
    These are simply beautiful! I love unique necklaces! My younger sister started making jewelry a year ago-she tends to use copper.
    Love your photography too!!

  23. So nice of you to host this giveaway! I love how unique this jewelery is too, great job! My fav. is the Star necklace, simple but sweet :-)

  24. I absolutely love the necklaces - especially the black glass leaft! SO beautiful!!! Would be quite exciting and an honor if I was to win ... Love your blog - its awesome! You've gained another daily reader with me! :)

  25. Lovely, lovely necklaces! Thank you so much for the chance!!

    bunnybx at gmail . com