Flowers, and the prettiest free Photoshop action EVER!

I found it hereThis action made my day. :)

On the Easter weekend I visited my grandparents in Stanthorpe. My Oma can make anything grow out of nothing, and the house is surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. My camera just couldn't get enough. I was so happy with the way the photos looked straight out of the camera - no editing - but I wanted something different. Unfortunately, no matter how pretty, flower photos are cliche. And I don't like that.

I'm not an overly girly girl either - so a photo of a pretty flower has to be more than just pretty.

So I had some fun today and I really like the result. I am planning on making some prints of these, because I am going to be working with an awesome printing company and I can't wait to see what my work looks like in real life! Well, you know what I mean... :)









Some random information on this post - I noticed while editing that most of my photos "read" right to left. It started to look a little odd after the 200th left-to-right-flower photo, so the OCD in me flipped some of these photos in Photoshop for balance.

Good night! :)


  1. wow... i just adore these photos annie! i am so sorry i haven't commented lately! i thought i was following you already and never saw a new post pop up in my dashboard! and boy have i been missing out! you are sooo talented! thanks for your sweet comments, they always brighten my day :)

  2. Aw shucks Chloe! :D Thanks for your blog - you always make me smile!