Something Blue - bracelet

This one is a little different. Everything I've been making so far is very simple and small. So I was in the mood for something a little bigger and a little more fun.

The flower is handmade and the pearls are freshwater. I want to eventually add a strand of clear crystals to the bracelet.

I think I need to photograph models wearing this stuff. Anyone own a white dress? :)


  1. ooo... i love this one Annie

  2. awww! you are so talented! and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! i love making new blog friends :) you are amazingly talented! so you live in Brisbane? that is awesome! i was in Australia about a year and a half ago for 6 weeks working with International Student Volunteers! we got to travel all over Australia and i fell in love with it :)

  3. Thank you Zoe and Chloe!

    I'm glad you guys like the bracelet, and Chloe I'm glad you like Australia! If you're ever back over here let me know! And if I'm ever back in Utah I'll let you know! :D