RIP Little Car 1989-2010

At 10:30am on Wednesday the 13th of January I drove my last drive in what was the best, most reliable car you could EVER find.

I was on my way to a job interview in an unfamiliar area when it happened. I have no memory of traffic lights, so it's unclear who ran the red. What I do remember is a loud noise, and my beautiful baby spun around and died.

No one was hurt. I had to spend a few hours in hospital, dying to go to the bathroom, but not being allowed to move because I was in a hard collar, so I politely refused the bedpan and held on until after the x-rays.

All I have to show for it is whiplash, seatbelt bruising, and a ruined bra that the nurses had to cut off me for the ECG test. :(

So here is my darling, her final days, our last goodbye. (Excuse the quality, I only had my camera phone and it was a tight squeeze at the caryard.)

These doors were brand new after my last accident (NOT my fault and not as serious, just bumped into by another car thinking they could overtake the car I was already overtaking.)

Very squished. Here is some perspective - there should be car where my dad is standing.

This battery was brand new. As were a LOT of other things I don't know the names of. I had also filled her up not ten minutes before the accident. Dad almost got high trying to siphon out the fuel, but it coudn't be done. :S
One final look as we drove away after stripping as much of her as we could.

Goodbye, little beast. You will be irreplaceable.


  1. Good bye dear car, you will be sorely missed. Though your remains will decay, your spirit will live on... RIP
    xoxo CEB

  2. oh annie! glad u r ok. thats aweful :) praying for u. xx Erica

  3. Court told me what happened, so glad you are okay Annie.