Happy New Year!

Here are some photos from my New Years Eve party.

I made all the decorations...and 80 jelly shots...and my bracelet. I rock. :)

Amanda made these amazing cupcakes. How gorgeous are they!?

The night consisted of the loudest game of Billionare I've ever experienced, the most intense game of Twister I've ever experienced, dancing and Wii. It was during a round of Billionare that the "that's what she said" jokes began. This resulted in us counting down to midnight, "3... 2... 1... That's what she said!" Strange, I know. :)

This is inevitable. But look at the time! That table was set up so nicely with the rows of jelly shots served on a mirror, but by this time, there were hardly any left.

All in all, we had a great night. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. this logo is way cuter than the other. i love it. :) new years photos look great, annie! - erica