Toowong Cemetery

I'm strange, I know, but I love cemeteries! They are so beautiful: the older the better! These ones are from Toowong. I'd love to sell some prints one day, but I don't know who would want photos of graves on their walls...


  1. I LOVE the cemetry photos! And yes some of them I would even put on my wall. Particularly the "six hours one Friday" or "Easter Sunday" you could call it - (the one with the cloudy background & the cross in the foreground, bluish grey colour photo. Love the 'broken' one with the cherub urn, & the roses & the wire/flower cross at the end. All YUM... :)

  2. Your photos are gorgeous!

    I also love the Toowong Cemetery and would love to have your photos on my wall!

    I love how you've captured the mystery and history of these monuments, well done!

    If you ever get the chance, Govenor Blackall's monument on the tallest hill makes a fantastic shot! Getting in the right place to take the perfect shot is a different story!

    Once again, well done!